brenda | 20 | nyc
future nurse. aspiring traveler. always derpin'
family. friends. peanut butter cups. warm sweaters. florals. scones. madrid. tea. fashion. lattes. movies. books. sleeping. traveling. laughing. europe. shopping. autumn. puppies. pumpkin anything. airports. nyc. cupcakes. indie/punk pop. monet. brunch. selfies. ice cream in any weather. sitting in cafes. chocolate chip cookies. sunny days. disney. macarons. chilly nights.

there’s no more games and no more lies.

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i’m no one special, just another wide-eyed girl,

who’s desperately in love with you.

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happy new year!

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today i was eating and i wiped my mouth and i looked at the napkin and it was red and i was like “huh.. i don’t remember putting on lip gloss today” and then i realized my lip was bleeding LOOOL awkward